Shaoxing Zhongao tea limited companyFounded in 2006 September, is located in the town of new village in Shaoxing city under the tube, the enterprise covers an area of 13000 square meters, the registered capital of 3000000 yuan, is a personal owned private enterprises, is a production enterprise production and processing. The main products of the company are small package of tea tea blending and finishing the..<<The details>>
General description: 
the freedom of choice
 of packingChoose, 25
g/box, 100g/box, 500
g/Box, 1000g/box, 2kg
/wooden box,5kg/Box,
10kg/wooden box, 35k
g/wooden box,Woven 
bags,sacks,color bag.
RootAccording to the 
requirements of 
customers customized.

Address: Xinshan Lianxingqiao Village, Xiaguan Town, Shangyu District Shaoxing, Zhejiang
Main products: Tea blending and finishing the file specifications small Gunpowder tea , tea packaging, Green Tea

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